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2020 Fall JCER Seminars 2021-01-15 
07 Jan*,Do efficiency improvements result in lower livestock emissions? Evidence from the global livestock sector 2020-10-22 
10 Dec,The Value of Information Disclosure: Evidence from Mask Consumption in China 2020-10-22 
03 Dec*, Early Warning Signs: Targeting Neonatal and Infant Mortality Using Machine Learning 2020-10-22 
26 Nov, Shu Xu, Southwest University of Finance and Economics 2020-10-22 

19 Nov,International Liberalization and Intranational Deviations from the Law of One Price 2020-10-22 
12 Nov*, Xing Zhang, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea 2020-10-22 
11 Nov, Yongdeng Xu, Cardiff University, UK 2020-10-22 
05 Nov, Hang Zhou, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 2020-10-22 
29 Oct, Southwest University of Finance and Economics 2020-10-22 

27 Oct, Tue, 16:10-17:40 Environmental Regulation and Inward Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from the Eleven Five-Year Plan in China 2020-10-22 
Seminar Schedule, Fall 2020 2020-10-22 
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