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Application Guidelines
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 Dear Applicants,

   Welcome to apply for Jinhe Center for Economic Research( here after will be refered to as "JCER").

    We provide masters' and PhD programs since 2017, we have already enrolled 4 grades of international students so far .These students are from different countries in the world and they are well adapted to the living environment of  Xi'an city in China, as well as our training model.

    According to our program design, JCER recommend that students should select the supervisors after  1-year course study, after students are clear about their research interests and know more about the research field of the professors of JCER.

    Thus, during the application and registration stage, applicants do not need to contact the supervisors. JCER admission office for international students will review the application materials and arrange interviews to evaluate the qualification the applicants. We wish you luck in the application process.


Application Guidelines:


if you have any question , you can contact:


Phone number: +86-29-82667920

You can get more information in the attachments.



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